The Servant's Corner

Dan gives a burning "Elijah-like" fire commentary on the current state of the Church in America

The people are blind and cannot see, they move but have no way. I see the mouths moving but cannot discern their words. The time is getting late and the day is drawing nearer now.


The Shepherds have flocks but no fields to graze at, only buildings to eat in. Their ways are easily seen in a thousand likely forms, they nay and prowl like the hungry cattle till the barns are empty and the field dim.


Many words from lips they fall like dew in the morning sun, to be heard but have no gain for the day; it closes before them and the memories of them fail. Today, we eat and are glad they say, while the evening falls upon them. - Click Here for more!

The Traditional Millennial Perspective

Cicero eviscerates arbitrary innocuity; cutting to the core of the issues with his generation's ideologies

Let us constrapulate thought; the last bastion of freedom in this zeitgeist. Is there such a thing? Is everything you know simply a parroted response? Everything "discovered" is a productive of the subjective conscious quo. Reality is objective, though changing, and none constrapulatory. One thinks they "create" yet all one truly does it rearrange matter. The uniqueness of the individual ego is a virus plaguing humanity. Praising mediocrity placates to the panderized inflation of self. All of us now "special snowflakes" and born "baby Einsteins" because we can sit up and wipe ourselves. We are by far a part of the worst generation EVER!- Click Here for more!

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