The author of this site has been a “born again” Christian for over 30 years and has been involved in many areas of Christian ministry. A white male over 50 and a firm believer in the “One” true God and Father of Heaven who is the only creator of heaven and earth and all that are therein.

In September of 1985 the author was miraculously and figuratively transformed into a “child of the day” when at 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon he was saved by his creator and began studying the “Holy Bible”. He had some basic knowledge and familiarity with the Bible as a modern day American citizen and had been in various churches in his younger years but things were very different now at the sweet young age of 28 and he knew he would never be the same again.


He began his new life as a very significantly changed individual. Upon thanking this God of Heaven for reaching down and saving him, he immediately pledged to live for his new found Master as “His” child for the rest of his life and began the journey that has led him on the thirty plus years of events that brought him to what he believes is the culmination of why he was both created and saved.


Though he knew he was a different individual “inside” he also knew that he was going to have a big problem convincing others (especially his family) that something happened to him on the inside because there were no obvious differences of him on the outside. This Apex moment in his life would be that which would cause him to be completely recreated into a “new” man. But how would he, how could he convince others that he was different, especially people who never knew who he was when it was obvious he couldn’t convince those who knew him as the old man? This began to be the beginning of his ministry… how to prove he was saved and on his way to heaven to the world.


It was about 7 years or so into his relationship with the God who saved him when one day that God told him that He (God) was going to begin showing him what His purpose was for saving him. Now since the author new that for quite some time his new master was working diligently in his life for a reason that soon would be known or explained to him by his master. He knew the last seven years of this wonderful relationship were just the beginning and the next seven would be even more wonderful, he thought.


The next seven years would prove a lot to him regarding his life as a new man. What he didn’t bargain for was that he would lose everything he had; marriage, children, business, wealth, home, all of it was gone. It seemed for a few years that he had been deceived by his God and even went so far as walking away from Him on occasion, but never denied Him. He even went so far as to throw himself back into the degrading lifestyle that was the past he so desperately tried to leave behind when he was first saved. It looked as though his God had forsaken him and let him all alone. He stopped talking to his God and for some weird reason he didn’t even feel bad, inside or outside about not going to church anymore. He didn’t miss the preaching, teaching, fellowship or anything concerning his past experiences with this God in a “church” … he felt lost all over again and soon began to slip back into a life worse than that which he had been saved from.


That was when things started to really change in his life. It was just about time for the new century to begin. The year was 1999 and everything in his life was new. A new marriage new possession’s new State in which to live and everything was new. It seemed like everything that he used to own that took him over thirty years to accumulate, all the old stuff (that always seemed to be used even when it was new) had mysteriously been replaced in just a few short years of his new life. Only this time nothing seemed to have that used feeling about it. Not only was everything new but it seemed like it never aged for a long time. It wasn’t two years that went by until he began to look around a see that not only had the sinful life he was living gone, but everything he lost was more than replace except the two children he had to leave behind from his last marriage. He had a new wife (non-Christian), new house(s) new car(s) a completely new life and a new business which he could do anywhere on the planet and didn’t need to have an office, employee’s, etc., and before five more years would take place he could live comfortably and never had to go back to physical labor to earn a living again, even to this very day.


After he and his wife of seven years had built a new life together in spite of some very rough water and a major re-arrangement of life friends he set out to prove to his wife that his God was the one true God of the universe. He began teaching his wife major things from the Bible. Once again he was proud to call this God his and began to affirm it even greater to his new wife and her family. He felt confident that he knew them all enough to begin witnessing his God to them, even to the point of requesting thanksgiving prayers at dinners that he spent with them. It wasn’t long until the God he served was able to use him to convince his new wife’s family that they should all get out of the life that they lived in for over 20 years and all agree to move to another state together and build a compound where they could all live, grow old together and take care of each other for the rest of their lives. He really loved his new wife’s family and wanted to protect them and continue to try and get them to give his God a chance in their lives. This he hoped would cause them to overcome the (main) problem that he knew they had which was they’re separation from the real God and curse-full condemnation and blindness He had over them, that they were not aware of.


During the next seven years he worked very hard at building three houses all over the country; continuing to witness his God to his wife; build a new business and sell two others they had built together; earn her family trust to build a big house (an ark if you will) in Tennessee and move in together so they all could be together for a reason; and almost lose it all, all over again. This time he insisted on not waiting to lose it all, rather he decided to throw it all away (at least this is the story as he recalls it) and see if this God who he believed saved him almost 30 years prior was still interested in someone who could not seem to convince any of his wife’s family to surrender their lives and hearts to his master.


It was during this time that his master directed him to reclaim that which he owned and get back to tending the ark (his home) in Tennessee, and leave the new whore he was shacked up with and get back to his wife. Only this time his master firmly told him that his wife’s family would have to leave the house that they all built together. He was to buy out their interest, pay them in full and begin to batten down the hatches because there was something He was about to let him in on.  He knew that the ark was built for a reason and it wasn’t just to be a place where they could all live and grow old together. Rather that this ark/home was something special that he was going to use to show something to all His people on the earth. During this time the author was to complete the ark and get ready for what the God of heaven was getting ready to put the earth through… along with something else He wanted to show “His” people.


2014 would be the year that the author would finish all undone work on the ark. It would be the year that the author would be told to get out of his last church. It would be the year that ended all further attempts to try to live at peace with a family that wanted nothing to do with the God the author of this site was trying to get them to know. He knew his master was not joking around about this because He was beginning to show him something He has been trying to tell all the people of the earth from the very beginning. Which is that His house will never be divided and He doesn’t just throw the doors open to His house and let just anyone who thinks it’s their house, to just come on in and party or be called His. It was at this time that he knew his master was getting ready to show him something really big. That’s when it all changed for him.


Soon 2014 became 2015 and it became obvious that the world was getting ready for another apex moment for the citizens of one planet earth. This would be the year that his master would tell him what he was saved for and why he was where he was at this time on the earth. He would show him what he wanted him to do for the Kingdom of heaven and why He created him. This would be his 30th year walking with this new Master. It would also be the year that while he was at the last church that he would ever be a part of on the earth that his Master would send someone to him who would show him something he couldn’t deny and this time there would be other witnesses…


June of 2015 was another apex moment in the life of the author of this site. For that would be the month and year when a “prophetess” of his Master was sent to him to ask him why he wasn’t doing what he knew his Master wanted him to do. It was then he took off his gloves and laid down his plow and began listening very closely to what his master was saying. It would take another year to complete the final phase and evolution of collective thought, deliberation and much prayer to cause what would be the reason for this site.


This author would like you to know that he loves you very much. He prays for your soul America and the world! His desire is to see the son come back to the father so the father can love the son. He has been entrusted with the job of trying to convince you and the rest of the world to; “chose you this day who you serve. If, Baal be god than serve him, but it the God of the Bible be God, then serve Him!” But, this time it will be different, I promise you.


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